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“Today we need an unsophisticated faith, one that has to be searched for everywhere and that has to be comprehensible for everyone”

The Biografy of The Blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania

IPS Mitropolit Bartolomeu
IPS Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania
1921 - 2011
- the18th of March : was born Valeriu Anania, in Glăvile village, Vâlcea district, the son of Vasile and Ana,who was born Mărgăritărescu.
- he followed the Primary School in the natal village
- he is schoolboy of the Central Seminary in Bucharest
- he made his debut as poet with the poem “Earth and Heaven” in theological journal: “The Orthodoxy”. He will collaborate, in time, with other theological journals :”The Romanian Orthodox Church”, “Theological Studies”,” Oltenia Metropolitan”/Craiova, “The Church Voice”, ”The Romanian Telegraph”/Sibiu , the almanac and journal :” The Faith”/Detroit, “Rebirth”/Cluj-Napoca, “The Orthodoxy’s Herald”, “Deisis”/Regensburg, “The Candle of Moldova”/ Iași
- in the 2nd year of Seminary he met Anton Holban,a Romanian language teacher, who would offer the backing and guiding light necessary to form the future cultured man. 1935
- the 26th of November : he made his dramaturgic debut with the radio screenplay in verse “ The snowflakes’s play”, in stage directed by Atanasie Mitric. The same play with the décor adapted by Eugenia Brebenaru is performed on the stage of Romanian Opera in February 1939. Unpublished play.
- the 11th of May: A team of amateurs performed the piece in verses “ At the pitchfore ” on the Theatre of Cultural League’s scene, in the author’s stage direction. Unpublished play.
- March : It was performed the dramatic poem “Dochia” at The “ National Studio” Theatre from Bucharest, stage directed by Nicolae Kirilov. Unpublished play.
- the 2nd of February: He was made monk at the Antim Monastery, and received the name “Bartolomeu”
- the 15th of February : he was ordinated into becoming hierodeacon; He was hierodeacon at Polovragi and Baia de Aries Monasteries.
- during the spring: he met Tudor Arghezi, and they would be in a good friendship for a quarter century.
- he followed courses of difference and took his Baccalaureate Exam at “Dimitrie Cantemir” High-School, and “Mihai Viteazu” High-School.
- July : he would met Victor Papillian at Sibiu
- he followed superior courses at the Theological Institute from Bucharest, Cluj, and Sibiu. He was graduating in Theology at the Theological Institute from Sibiu
- incompletely studies of medicine at Cluj and Sibiu and of instrumental music at Cluj . Here he is an active participant at the literary group managed by Victor Papillian, reactivated in the house of the orthodox archpriest Florea Muresanu; he met the dramatist Ion Luca ,and they would be good friends between 1951-1955, when Ion Luca resided at Vatra Dornei.
- He listened Gala Galaction , the priest Grigore Pisculescu in fact, at Cluj , at a literary event. Then he would met again Gala Galaction in Bucharest.
- June: he is student at the University in Cluj, he is the president of The Student Centre “Petru Maior”; he leads the antirevisionist and anticommunist student strike in Cluj. It fallows a long series of arrests
- he is expelled from Cluj.
- July-December : he is The Toplita Monastery’s Abbot
- Winter : he met Lucian Blaga in Cluj
- Autumn: He met the Patriarch Justinian at Bistrita Monastery from Valcea, and they would work closely together about 25th years.
- He occupied the position of superintendent for the Patriarchal Palace
- He is the patriarchal inspector for the religious education.
- He is teacher assistant at the Department of Universal Religious History, which belong to the Theological Institute from Bucharest, he had professor Teodor M. Popescu as coordinator.
- He is Dean of the Centre for Missionary and Social Guidance of Clergy, at Curtea de Arges, where he teaches Religious History and Homiletics.
- He met Vasile Voiculescu
- He was the Director of the Patriarchal Library
- the 14th of August died Victor Papillian
- He is political condemned for 25 years of forcible work for intrigue against social order, jailed in Security, Jilava, Pitesti, and Aiud. He was liberated from prison after six years and two months, in 1964, by a general decree.
- During his detention, at Aiud, he “wrote” on his brain and fixes in memory the plays “Urus’s Star”, “Master Manole”, and other numerous poems, it total over 10000 verses.
- the 26th of April died Vasile Voiculescu.
- He is named, again, director of the Patriarchal Library
- He works for Romanian Orthodox Missionary Archepiscopate from America and Canada as diocesan secretary , cultural aide, general secretary of the Church’s Congress, director of the diocesan Chancery , director of the Publishing Department, representative of interchurch relationships, member of two commissions of the Permanent Conference of Orthodox Bishops from Nord and South America: “The Ecumenical Commission” and “The Studies and Projects Commission”. He holds conferences in Detroit, Chicago, Windsor, and Honolulu. Editor at “The Faith” journal and the literary cassette “We”.
- His debut with the dramatic poem “Miorița”, the volume is published with a “preface “/predoslovie by Tudor Arghezi.
- the 14th of July died Tudor Arghezi
- the 29th of October : He is ordain into becoming priest by the blessed Bishop Victorin, the Orthodox Bishop of America; The Saint Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church offers him the “archimandrite “ degree. Then he distinguished himself with “The Patriarchal Cross”, “The Holy Tomb Order”, of the Jerusalem Patriarchy, “The Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Order” of the Antioch Patriarchy.
- “Barbu Delavrancea” Theatre from Bucharest performs the dramatic poem “Miorita”, stage direction and scene painting being underwrite by Marietta Sadova, Mircea Marosin, Zoe Anghel-Stanca.
- it appears the dramatic poem, in verses “Master Manole”, Publishing for Literature, Bucharest
- January : the dramatic poem “Miorita” is broadcasted on TV (Romanian Television)
- the 30th of March :it takes place the “premiere” of the dramatic poem “Mesterul Manole “ at “Al. Davila” Theatre in Pitesti, stage directed by Marietta Sadova; the musical score is played by “Madrigal Chorus”. The piece is performed on the drama stages from Poland.
- the poem “Mesterul Manole” is played by the Ion Olteanu’s class from the Institute of Theatrical Art and Cinematography Bucharest at “Cassandra” Theatre.
- the dramatic poem “Go time, come time!” appears at the Younger Publishing, Bucharest.
- it is published the volume “The glass with nectar “ a dramatic fantasy in verses for children, “Ion Creanga” Publishing, Bucharest
- he is a member of the Romanian Orthodox Church Delegation which visits the Old Oriental Churches from Egypt, Ethiopia and India.
- April: “Al. Davila” Theatre from Pitesti performed the dramatic poem “Miorita”, in stage direction of Constantion Dinischiotu
- the volume of verses “Genesis” is published by “Romanian book” Publishing, Bucharest
- it appears the dramatic poem “The aurochs’s star”, at Eminescu Publishing, Bucharest
– the 30th of January : died the dramatist Ion Luca
- it appears the volume of theatre “Poems with masks”, at “Romanian book” Publishing, definitive edition
- the Dramatic Theatre from Baia Mare performed the dramatic poem “Aurochs’s star”
- November : the dramatic poem “Aurochs’s star” is broadcasted on Romanian Television
- it appears the volume ‘Files of Akathist “ , verses, the collection “We”, bibliofila edition, horse commerce, Detroit
- it is published the volume of verses “Agrippine Histories”, Romanian Book Publishing
- he is the director of the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Missionary and Biblical Institute
- the 27th of March : died the Patriarch Justinian Marina
- he becomes member of the Writers’s Union from Romania
- it appears the novel “The strangers from Kipukua” at Romanian Book Publishing
- it appears the 2nd edition of the volume “Files of Akathist“at the Missionary and Biblical Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bucharest
- it appears “The weight of the earth” , a pentalogy of the Romanian myth, in the series “ Commented theatre” in two volumes at the Eminescu Publishing
- he wins the dramaturgy prize of the Writers’ s Union from Romania for the work “The weight of the earth”
- he retires upon a pension and to monastery Varatec.
- it appears the memorial volume “The burning poplars’ rotunda”, Romanian Book Publishing, Bucharest
- the volume “Anamnesis”, verses, Eminescu Publishing, Bucharest
- Romanian Radio records the long poem “Hymn to Eminescu”, but the censorship forbids the broadcast, which will take place on the 16th of January 1990.
- it appears the iconographic history and exegesis volume “Olt’s Heavens”. Archimandrite Bartolomeu’s comments on the photographic images made by Dumitru F. Dumitru, the Archiepiscopate of Ramnicu Valcea and Arges’ Publishing, with versions in Romanian, French, and English.
- it appears the short stories volume “ Pilgrim Apter’s Memories ”, at the Romanian yard Publishing
- the 24th of December: he begins the revision work in Romanian , and comments on the Bible, starting with the text of the New Testament, an extended action upon the whole Holy Scripture for a period of eleven years.
- he is chosen Honorary President of “ The Saint Antim Ivireanu” Foundation from Ramnicu Valcea
- he refuses the quality of “honorary member” of the Romanian Academy
- he collaborates with Radio University with four conferences about modern religious Romanian poetry”
- it is published the volume “Pro memory. Catholic’s action in the interwar Romania”, Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
- it is published the byzantine poem, “Hymn to Eminescu” ,at Romanian Book Publishing, Bucharest
- the 21st of January :Church Electoral College chooses Archimandrite Bartolomeu Anania for the Archbishop chair of Vad, Feleac and Cluj
- the 7th of February : Archimandrite Bartolomeu Anania is ordain into becoming Archbishop at the Archiepiscopate Cathedral in Cluj Napoca. As Archbishop of Cluj , he will fight for dynamics of the pastoral activity of clergy and for her diversification depending on the society’s actual receives ; for the implication of the Church in the social assistance actions ; for the renewal of the relationship between Church and Culture; for the express guidance of the teenagers- from the pulpit and by numerous meetings-, for the development of the practical ecumenical relationships through the maintenance of the proper identity.
- The New Testament. A revised version, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania appears at the Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bucharest
- it appears the theatre volume “ The pearls’s thief”, a parable in four acts, at Editing House Dokia, Cluj Napoca; public performed for the first time in 1992 on the stage of the Turda Theatre. The next years, the piece achieves a real success on this country’s stages.
- he is distinguished with the title of “honorary member” of the ”Iuliu Hatieganu” Medicine and Pharmacy University’s Senate, from Cluj Napoca.
- he is chosen honorary president of the “Nicolae Steinhardt” Foundation .
- it appears the second edition of the New Testament . A revised version, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, appears at The Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bucharest
- the theological and cultural essays volume “From sea’s foams. Pages about religion and culture” appears under the attendance of Sandu Frunza, at Dacia Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- the volume with articles and studies, “Advocacy for the folk’s Church”, is published at the “Omniscop” Publishing, Craiova, an attended edition by Sandu Frunza.
- the second edition of the memorial volume “The fire poplars’s rotunda “, The white flowers Publishing
- he receives the special prize for the volume “From sea’s foams” at “Book’s salon” from Oradea
- Iov’s Book. A revised version after Septuaginta, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publising, Bucharest
- the memorial volume “ The Academic Cluj, of the 1946’ generation, in Valeriu Anania’s memories”, published at the Arhidiecezana Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- the verses volume “Files of Acatist” appears in the third edition at the Arhidiecezana Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- he receives the title of “honorary citizen” of Cluj Napoca town.
- he is chosen “honorary senator” and member of the “Great senate” of the Babes-Bolyai University, from Cluj Napoca
- he receives “The book of the year” prize with the volume “From sea’s spumes” at the Book National Salon from Cluj Napoca.
- it appears the Pentateuch, or “The five books of Moise”. A revised version after Septuaginta, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, The Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bucharest.
- the book of psalms or The prophet and king David’s Psalter A revised version after Septuaginta, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Arhidiecezana Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- The Song of Songs. A revised version after Septuagint, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest
- “Chosen poems” volume appears at The Dacia Publishing, Cluj Napoca, with a preface of Liviu Petrescu
- the second edition of the volume “Olt’s heavens”, Pro Publishing, Bucharest
- the Kálvin János Publishing of the Reformat Church from Hungary published the New Testament, the version of The Blessed Bishop Bartolomeu Anania, in bilingual edition Romanian-Hungarian.
- the book of the prophet Isaiah. A revised version after Septuagint, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest
- the prophet Jeremiah ’s book. A revised version after Septuagint, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest
- the volume of studies and conferences “Attitudes”, Arhidiecezana Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- the 4th edition of the dramatic poem “Miorita”, Dacia Publishing, Cluj Napoca, with a preface by Tudor Arghezi and an introductory word by Liviu Petrescu
- he receives The Great Prize for Poetry at the International Festival “Lucian Blaga”, Cluj Napoca.
- it is published the volume:“The poetry of the Old Testament”: Iov’s book; Psalter Solomon’s proverbs; The ecclesiast; The song of Songs; Jeremiah’s complaints. A revised version after Septuagint, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, The Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bucharest.
- Prophet Iezechiel’ book. A revised version after Septuaginta, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest.
- Prophet Daniel and other 12 small prophets’ book. A revised version after Septuaginta, redacted and commented by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest.
- The volume of short stories and fantastic stories “ The remembrances of the pilgrim Apter” appears in a second edition, Paralela 45 Publishing, Cluj Napoca.
- “Beyond the waters “, pages of journal and other texts, Dacia Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- he receives the diploma and medal of the Art, History and Culture Academy from Brazil.
- The 18th of March :his birthday, he celebrates 80 years, a moment marked by editing the reverential volume “Logos”-an edition attempted by archdeacon Stefan Iloaie- through printing the CD “The Archbishop”- made by Radu Preda, and by an anniversary spectacle performed on the “National Theatre” from Cluj Napoca
- Saint John’s Apocalypse. Translation, introduction and notes by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, Paralela 45 Publishing, Cluj Napoca, with illustrations by Albrecht Dürer.
- the second edition of the dramatic piece “ The pearls’s thief”, Rebirth Publishing, Cluj Napoca.
- it appears the volume “Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania. In honorem” and the work “ Introduction in the Holy Scripture’s reading “.
- it is published the Bible or Holy Scripture, the Saint Synod’s jubilee edition, a revision version after the Septuaginta, redacted and annotated by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, and sustained by other numerous fatigues. The work edited already in several editions, achieves an remarkable interest in the specialists frame,but not only, for the theological and philological novelty which it brings comparative with the Romanian precedent variants , for the use of the actual Romanian language and especially for the utility of the 8.000 subsidiary notes destined to offer the reader access ways to the text’s truth; in the Romanian Orthodoxy space. The jubilee edition of the Bible is the first annotated version. The activity of revision, made by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania, is analysed by the specialists in their meetings occasioned by the work’s presentation at the Patriarchy and Romanian Academy, at Ramnicu- Valcea, Bistrita, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, in 2003. In 2004 appears the Bible, the jubilee edition, in electronic format on CD.
- “Babes-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca offers the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”
- He receives the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” from the Medicine and Pharmacy University “Iuliu Hatieganu” from Cluj-Napoca.
- he receives the title “honorary citizen” from the local councils of Bistrita, Ramnicu-Valcea, Glavile/Valcea.
- the prize from the “Writers’s Union”, Cluj filial, for the work “Omnia”.
- it is published the volume “The living water of Orthodoxy”, Rebirth Publishing, Cluj Napoca, which contains speeches, articles, and the pastoral letters from 1993-2001 emitted by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu during these years; attempted edition by Nicoleta Palimaru and Maria-Elena Gangiu.
- the brochure “The homeland’s icon, Valcea” is published by the Almarom Publishing, from Ramnicu-Valcea.
- the exegetic iconography, part of the volume “The Olt’s heavens”, is published in Germany, at Sternberg Publishing, under the title “ Bilder vom Reich Gottes. Ikonen und Fresken rümänischer Klöster.”
- “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the University of Oradea
- it appears the work “Biblical atelier. Notebooks for work”-Rebirth Publishing, Cluj Napoca- representing the analytical and comparative work on the different text variants, at the New Testament, by which resulted the published version in the Jubilee Bible .
- the most important points of view with reference to the Holy Scripture’s last edition are contained in the volume “The first witnesses about the Jubilee Bible 2001”, the version of the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania, attempted edition by the archdeacon Stefan Iloaie, Rebirth Publishing, Cluj Napoca
- The Limes Publishing from Cluj Napoca, through the poet Mircea Petean, initiates the advertising project of the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania’s integral literary work; it appears the first volume of the literary work “The strangers from Kipukua” with an introductory word by Aurel Sasu.
- he receives the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the University from Craiova
- it appears the work “The Great Canon of Andrei Criteanu” , attempted by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania.
- the Jubilee edition of the Holy Scripture in digital format, on CD Rom, appears with the technical support of the Technical and Calculating Institute from Bucharest.
- the second volume of The literary work: “Pilgrim Apters memories” is published at the Limes Publishing, with an introductory word by Mircea Muthu.
- he receives the title “honorary citizen” from the local council of Dej
- he receives the title “honorary citizen” of Vad, Cluj district
- The Biblical and Missionary Institute’s Publishing of the Romanian Orthodox Church publishes the volume of the Saint Orthodox Liturgy’s exegesis under the title “ The Kingdom’s open book. A liturgic accompany for priests and laics.
- the third volume of the Literary Work :”The burning poplars’s rotunda”, with a introductory word by Dan Miailescu, it appears at Limes Publishing
- Rebirth publishing republishes the volumes “The living water of Orthodoxy “ and “Pro Memory. Catholicism’s action in the interwar Romania.
- Following the decision of the Romanian Orthodox Church’Saint Synod from the 4th of November 2005 for establish a Metropolitan Church at Cluj, initiative validated by the National Church Meeting at the 1st of March 2006, the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu is settled Metropolitan of Cluj, Alba, Crisana and Maramures -at the 25th of March, the Feast of the by Teoctist, The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The next months the metropolitan has a concrete implication in the dynamic activity of religious life in the new church structure.
- it appears the volume “The Saint Gospel after Matei, Marcu, Luca ,and Ioan” version redacted and annotated by the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania.
- the volume “Poems” appears as the fourth volume of the “Literary Work” of Valeriu Anania, with an introductory word by Petru Poanta
- he receives the title “honorary citizen” of the Iara commune.
- He receives from the “Clujeanul” editor’s office the title and diploma “Cluj citizen of the year 2006”
- the pieces of theater which are constituted in the volumes 5, 6,7 of the “Valeriu Anania.Literary Work” are published at Limes Publishing
- he receives the “honorary citizen” title from the Spermezeu commune
- on the National Theatre’s stage it take place the Inauguration Gala of the “Metropolitan Bartolomeu “ Foundation, institution which has the aim in offering studies grants in country or abroad to the worthy children with good results and reduces financial possibilities teenagers.
- “Doctor Honoris Causa” of “The 1st of December” University from Alba Iulia
- the reverential volume “A burning soul’s rotunda for God and for the folk”, Reintegration Publishing, Alba Iulia, reunites the communicates and scientific papers presented at the National Symposium “Romanian spiritually universe reflected in Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania’s opera”.
- the volumes 8, 9 from “Valeriu Anania. Literary Work” which consists of journalism with an introductory word of Ovidiu Pecican, is published at Limes Publishing.
- the volume “Memories” is published at Polirom Publishing from Iasi.
- Doctor Honoris Causa al Universităţii de Medicină şi Farmacie „Gr. T. Popa” din Iaşi.
- the volume “ Teaching words” appears at the Rebirth Publishing
- he receives “The Special Prize” from Romanian Writers’s Union for the volume “Memories”
- Polirom Publishing from Iasi opens the author’s series “Valeriu Anania” with the volumes :” The memories of pilgrim Apter” and “The fire poplars’s rotunda. Beyond the waters”
- he receives the title “ Senior of thecity” from the Cluj Primary .
- the novel “ The stragers from Kipukua” , the volume “Poems”, and the two volumes of dramaturgy “Theatre I” and “Theatre II” appears at Polirom Publishing
- the 22nd of November he is chosen “honorary member” of the Romanian Academy
- The 31st of January he passed into eternity, at Cluj-Napoca

The biography of the blessed Archbishop and Metropolitan Andrei

IPS Arhiepiscop și Mitropolit Andrei
IPS Arhiepiscop și Mitropolit Andrei

1. The blessed Archbishop and Metropolitan Andrei

The blessed Archbishop and Metropolian Andrei, the Archbishop of Vad, Feleac, and Cluj, and Metropolitan of Cluj, Alba, Crisana, and Maramures, was born at the 24th of January 1949, in the he village Oarța de Sus, the district of Maramureș, from parents Andrei and Elena, and he was the first of their three children. He attended the high-school in Cehul Silvaniei and the courses of the Faculty of Building and Railway in Bucharest (between 1967-1972). After graduation he was started to work as engineer at the Society of Railway Building in Cluj-Napoca.

Beginning with 1976 he attended the courses of the Theologic Institute in Sibiu, and was graduated in 1978. In August 1978 he was ordinate into becoming priest by the blessed Bishop Teofil Herineanu, Archbishop of Cluj, and after that, he had worked as priest for seven years in Turda.

In Autumn 1985 he was displaced at Romanian Orthodox Parish Maieri I from Alba Iulia, and then he was named vicar-administrative at the request of the blessed Bishop Emilian Birdaș. He attended the doctorate courses /PhD student at the Theologic Institute in Bucharest (beginning with 1985 year) and had the Archdeacon Professor Dr. Petru I. David as tutor. The doctorate thesis was prepared in the same ward-Sisthematic Theology, with tutoriat from Dumitru Popescu, and he obtain the title of “Doctor in Theology” in 1998.

Beginning with 1990 he was chosen abd ordinated into becoming vicar-bishop for Alba Iulia Episcopate, and from June (the same year) he become titular bishop. In 1998 Alba Iulia Episcopate was raised at the level of Archepiscopate and its titular at the level of Archbishop.

Simultaneous with his administrative activity, he get involved in the spiritual and didactic projects also. In this way, he established the Orthodox Theologic High-School “Metropolitan Simion Ștefan” from Alba Iulia, and he was one of the founders of “The 1stDecember 1918 University” from Alba Iulia doing the intercessions for establishing the Faculty of Theology from Alba Iulia in 1991. He taught Orthodox Morality and Spirituality at this Faculty. Between 2000-2008 he was the Faculty of Theology’s Dean.

The 18th of March, 2011, the Saint Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church chose the blessed Archbishop Andrei in the vacant seat of Archbishop and Metropolitan of Cluj, and he was named Archbishop and Metropolitan of Cluj, in the metropolitan Cathedral from Cluj-Napoca, at the feast of “The good annunciation” when it actualized five years from the establishing of the Metropolitan of Cluj,Alba, Crisana, Maramures and from the installation of Archbishop and Metropolitan Bartolomeu. The Romanian Presidency conferred the National Order “For Virtue”, the level “Grand Officer” at the 1stDecember 2002, for the undertaken activity in the benefit of the Church and country.

Pentru activitatea depusă în slujba Bisericii şi a ţării, la 1 Decembrie 2002, Preşedinţia României i-a conferit Ordinul Naţional „Pentru Merit” în gradul de „Mare Ofiţer”.

He was chosen member of the “Academy of Science and Arts” from Salzburg (Austria), in February.

2. The Cultural Activity

In the cultural outline we mwtione the establishment of the Romanian Orthodox Archepiscopate of Alba Iulia’s Tipography and “Reintegration Publisher”, establishment of the readership “The Ancestor faith” ( the cultural and press organ of Archepiscopate of Alba Iulia), and of Faculty of Theology’s journal “The Reintegration Altar”.

Under his coordination it was republished “The Chant from Alba Iulia 1652” (at 350 years from the first edition), it was republished The New Testament from Bălgrad from 1648(in critic edition also) The Archbishop Andrei offered numerous cultural and spiritual conferences (in Bucharest, Sibiu, Targu-Mures, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Arad, Iasi, Oradea, Alba Iulia etc.) and he took part in numerous TV-broadcastes ( at national and local television post). He is the permanent producer of radio broadcast “The Bishop’s word” at “Reunification Radio” Alba Iulia.

He initiated and organized several international scientific symposiums at the Faculty of Theology from Alba Iulia: “Violence in the name of God? A cristian answer (2002)”; “ Church in the globalization era” (2003); “Spirituality and consumerism in the United Europe” (2004); “ The cultural man in front of dechristening” (2005) ;“Christian identity and dialog in the new European context” (2006); “The Universe between beauty and apocalyptic. An ethic appeal upon the ecology.” (2007);” The sense of life, suffering, and death”(2008); “Liberty and responsibility. Initiatives and limits in religious dialog”(2009);”Invasion of the non-values into a multimedia world”(2010)

3. The pastoral-missionary activity

During the 21st years of pastoration by the blessed Archbishop Andrei Andreicut in the Romanian Orthodox Archepiscopate in Alba Iulia, there was build up 120 new churches ( 40 are in process of finalizing), there was painted (or beneficied of painting restoration) 160 churches (including the Archiepiscopate Cathedral from Alba Iulia), and there were build up new 70 parish-houses. It was established The Orthodox Theologic Seminar “Metropolitan Simion Stefan” from Alba Iulia. It was established The Orthodox Christian Radio “Reunification” Alba Iulia, patronized by the Romanian Orthodox Archiepiscopate of Alba Iulia, and was build the new building of the Faculty of Theology, The 1st December University, Alba Iulia (this imply an amount of 3 millions Euro). There was established 45 new monasters and convents in these two districts ( Alba and Mures) from Archiepiscopate Alba Iulia’s territory.

In the social assistance field , His Grace, Andrei, made the first structure of social-assistance in Romanian Orthodox Church, at Alba Iulia, subsequently this being an eparhial system with a large number of branches in Romania, which contains today 70 units if social-assistence, all of this under the church patronage (orphanages, nursing home, social canteens, medical offices etc.).

4. Publishing activity

His Grace, Andrei Andreicut, in his theological preoccupations he harps on the orthodox spirituality, and beside the 50th studies and articles which he has published in the scientific and specialized journals , he wrote 13 books, another two was translated from French to Romanian, and he made numerous brochures for missionary interess. He published hundreds of articles in different journals and church newspapers or laich and numerous prefaces, for different religious and cultural books. He coordinates the “Spiritualy Fountains” collection which embodied 15 volumes to the present.

The biography of His Grace Vasile Somesanul

PS Vasile Someşanul
His Grace Vasile Someșanul

He saw the day’s light at 30th December 1948, in Cluj, from parents Constantin and Rosalia Flueraș, a family of workers, deeply rooted in the Mănăștur village (today the quarter with the same name- Mănăștur).

He went to the primary school in Mănăștur (1955-1962), then to the “Professional school 16 February” Cluj-Napoca (1962-1965). After his graduation he accepted the terms of employment at Uzina “16 February”, he worked as turner in metallurgy for seven years (1965-1972). In the same time he followed the courses at Nr. 12 High-School, Cluj, (1965-1971), when he took the Baccalaureate exam.

He made the military service between 1968-1970. He felt the wish for approaching himself with the Church in the Autumn 1968m after he visited the monasteries from Olt Valley,then he was guided in spiritual life by parish priest Romul Popa.

The 1972 year was crucial for his life: he matriculated at the Theologic Institute from Sibiu with Universitar level (1972-1976), where he was graduated in Theology in 1976 with the work: “Social problems in cappadocian Fathers’s writings”, which belong to the Byzantinology Department, under the coordination of Priest Professor Dr. Teodor Bodogae.

The 27th of November 1976 he was ordinated into becoming bachelor priest for Tureni parish, deanery Turda, district Cluj, by the blessed vicar-bishop Justinian Chira Maramureșanul. At once he was transferred (the 1st of January 1977) as service priest for “The Saint Apostles Petru and Pavel” parish, in Grigorescu quarter, Cluj-Napoca. After several months (in august 1977) he was named service priest at “The Saint Apostles Peter and Paul” in Mănăștur quarter, Cluj-Napoca.

The people from these parishes where he had serviced, known him as a mild priest, with vocation, wise, modest, a good collegue for the brothers priests, balanced, merciful, kindhearted, forgiving, confessor, with an exemplar moral life. He was remarked in the circle of priests from Cluj due to these qualities, and he was asked for spiritual problems, for the schoolboys from Orthodox Seminary, Cluj-Napoca. The blessed Archbishop Teofil Herineanu gave him the churches distinction of “steward” for the distinguished missionary-pastoral activity (in 1987).

In 1990 year, he was assistant-confessor at the Orthodox Theologic Institute with universitar level from Cluj-Napoca, (today the Faculty of Orthodox Theology) being a model priest for students.

He was made monk at “Saint John the Baptist” Monastery from Alba Iulia, at the 25th of March 1995, having as nose monk the blessed bishop Andrei from the same town.

From the 1st of October 1991 to February 1994 he listened the abbot at Nicula Monastery. He distinguished himself in front of the monastic community through goodness, wisely patience and personal example.

The blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu named him “eclesiarh” in the Archepiscopate Cathedral in Cluj Napoca and “exarh” of the monasteries from Episcopate of Vad, Feleac and Cluj. Then he was ordain into becoming “archimandrite”.

Due to the suggestion of the blessed Archbishop Bartolomeu, in the summer of 1998, he was named Vicar-Bishop of Cluj Episcopate and ordained into Bishop by the Holiness Teoctist on the 15th of August 1998, at the Nicula Monastery, together with The Blessed Bishop Andrei, The blessed Vicar-Bishop Irineu surrounded by a synod of priests and deacons.

He published religious articles in “The Rebirth” Cluj- Napoca.

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