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"The man advises his fellows as he knows. But God works in the one whom He listens to according His faith"

Sermons’s program, December 2012

The 2nd of DecemberThe 27th Sunday after Pentecost, The healing of the blind man from Jericho, Ev. Luca 35-43
Diac. Prof. Drd. Daniel Mocan
The 6th of DecemberSt. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra of Lycia
His Grace Vasile Somesanul
The 9th of DecemberThe 28th Sunday after Pentecost, The hunchbacked woman's healing, Ev. Luca 13, 10-17
Pr. Prof. Dr. Petru Stanciu
The 16th of DecemberThe 29th Sunday after Pentecost, of the Lord’s ancestors ( Parable of those who were invited to the dinner, Ev. Luca 14, 16-24)
Pr. Prof. Dr. Dorin Ielciu
The 23th of DecemberThe Sunday before Christmas ( of the Holy Fathers after the body of the Lord, Ev. Matthew 1, 1-25)
Pr. Prof. Dorel Man
The 25th of DecemberThe Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas)
The Pastoral of The Blessed Archbishop and Metropolitan Andrei Andreicut
The 26th of DecemberSynaxis of the Theotokos
His Grace Vasile Somesanul

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